About us

Considering the architectural prosperity in Saudi Arabia Kingdom among recent decades, and the perfect climate of this field, are the fertile soil which germinated our organization Reem AbdulAziz ALFOZAN .Gen.Cont specialized with everything related to  Steel & Stainless-steel Fabrication Industries including the following

    • Steel structural building.
    • Services field:
    • Steel Hollow Metal Doors, Fire Rated & UL Listed.
    • Steel fences & gates for Services & Industrial facilities.
    • Steel grating & Louvers.
    • Steel Ladders & Caged Ladders.
    • Car Parking Shades, Play yards & Storge areas Shades.
    • All CNC Fabrication for Steel & Stainless-steel Industries.
    • Decoration works:
    • Steel & Stainless-steel Main Gates.
    • Interior House Steel & Stainless-steel doors.
    • Steel, Stainless-steel & Glass handrails & guardrails.
    • Steel & Stainless-steel Furniture.
    • All CNC Decoration pattern (Steel & Stainless-steel).
    • Insulation:
    • Electrical Cold Galvanizing
    • Hot Dip Galvanizing.
    • Painting: Electrostatic Thermal powder Coating.
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